V.League 2022 ends early thanks to… referees?

23 Aug 2022 | 03:10 | Football

However, just half-time, Hanoi FC turned the game into its own, with a huge gap in the score. Despite much criticism from the public, the referee team kept making tragic mistakes over multiple games.

In the 12th round, the referee Wu Weilan refused to give HAGL a penalty, and did not give Wei Meng a red card for a rough foul within 16 points and 50. After this game, the referee committee let Mr. Lan rest for a few games, but everyone understood that this did not bring any value to V.League, because the victory of Hanoi FC caused many opponents to not catch up. Go head to head with them in the Championship.

V.League 2022 ends early thanks to... referees?  - Photo 1.

Ho Chi Minh City FC players’ joy after scoring a 2-1 victory over Saigon FC ignited hopes of relegation Photo: QUANG LIEM.

In fact, a few days later, on the afternoon of August 20, Hanoi FC continued to widen the gap with the chasing group to 9 points when they defeated the host B.Binh Duong 3-0 in the 13th round. At the beginning of the season, HAGL was considered the biggest rival in the title race in Hanoi. Coach Kiatisak’s teachers and students also did their best in the first round, but after a 2-1 loss at home to Haiphong, those who love Yamashiro have to admit that HAGL’s chances of winning the championship are no longer there.

They had to watch the referee swiftly award a penalty to HAGL in an unclear dispute, but at the end of the game against Haiphong, they flatly rejected a similar ball created by young Dinh Lam. There seems to be no end to referee errors, as referees are constantly the object of criticism from the leadership of Dong Ah Ching Hwa (the match against Binh Dinh on August 20) and the training committee at the Quy Nhon Stadium.

Thanh Hoa threw the ball into the Topenland Binh Dinh goal 3 times, but coach Petrovic’s students only recognized 1 goal. First of all, in the 2nd minute of injury time in the first half, Guo Fang hoisted the ball into the penalty area and Gustavo Costa scored a header for Tobenlan, but the referee thought that Costa had fouled the opposing defender earlier. So he didn’t recognize the target. Won. In the 62nd minute, Guofang took a corner kick from the right, Ming Dong headed towards the wall, and Qinghua was considered a goal. In the 71st minute, Gustavo headed the goal, goalkeeper Minh Hoang pushed the ball out, and Van Thang put the ball into the net, but the referee did not rule out that it was offside.

Looking back at the slow-motion stage, fans felt that Fan Sheng was not standing under the pacified last defender.

The VFF’s Arbitration Committee will review the assignment of referees and find a plan to overcome technical errors. Even the VPF may have to hire foreign referees to ensure the fairness of the V.League 2022 round. However, it seems to be too late as the V.League title race is drawing to a close and will soon be over.

In the second leg, despite the efforts of HAGL, SLNA, Viettel or Topenland Binh Dinh, they were too far behind Hanoi FC by nine points. What followed was the public’s doubts about the fairness of the “Black King” team, leaving V.League once again facing the risk that the relegation battle would only be lovable.

With many teams at a disadvantage due to errors by the referee team, Hanoi FC has created a large score gap that will be difficult to shorten in the second leg of the V.League 2022.

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