VFF revives Vietnam’s U19 spirit towards Asia U20 2023

17 Jul 2022 | 10:19 | Football

U19 Vietnam failed to advance to the U19 Southeast Asia 2022 final as many fans expected after a 3-0 loss to Malaysia U19. It was an unfortunate result when coach Dinh The Nam’s army took the lead, creating a number of clear scoring chances, but defensive organisational lapses and a lack of luck in the ball-in-the-ball closing phase. So he had to pay the price after the other side’s “Spear of Recovery”. There is no doubt that this defeat is a valuable lesson for the Vietnam U19s in their journey to prepare for the 2023 Asian U20 qualifiers.

VFF revives Vietnam U19 spirit towards Asia U20 2023 - Photo 1.

Failure is not a bad thing in the development of young players. Instead, failure helps them better appreciate their abilities and work harder to improve themselves.

It can be seen that when the U19 Vietnam War assembled, it was also the time when the V.League and First Class and the national U17 qualifiers began. Also, this is when players of this age group graduate. It is for these reasons that head coach Dinh The Nam can’t be called the best force, despite making the roster early. Instead, the 2022 AFF U19 event is seen as a playground for the BHL to screen and assess abilities in the form of “potential” to gain a clearer picture of these players’ professional qualifications. U20 qualifiers in mid-September.

VFF revives Vietnam's U19 spirit towards Asia U20 2023 - Photo 2.

Due to the fact that many outstanding players in domestic competitions were busy playing for the club and failed to gather the best strength, it also affected the competitiveness of Vietnam U19 in the 2022 AFF U19 competition. Forge new elements, the vast majority of which are playing on the international stage for the first time.

Objectively, the preparation process of Vietnam U19 was quite passive. At the beginning, there were only 19 players in the team, and 3 goalkeepers were not enough to practice. After a while, Coach Dinh The Nam summoned some other faces. Like Baolong, because he has to participate in the national U17 qualifiers with the club, he will not participate until June 20. Two players, Van Truong and Van Khang, can only join the U19 Vietnam team less than a week before the team travels to Indonesia.

Therefore, in an experimental match, the mistakes of the U19 Vietnam team in the past journey, especially the semi-final match against the Malaysian U19 team, are understandable. Most importantly, it will be BHL’s own invaluable experience in building expertise and recruiting staff. The players in particular also have good experience to improve their professionalism and mentality in order to be ready when they are called up again in the upcoming competition.

VFF revives Vietnam's U19 spirit towards Asia U20 2023 - Photo 3.

Every game in the international arena is a valuable opportunity for young players to accumulate combat experience. The upcoming third runner-up match against Thailand U19 is also of great significance to the career development of Vietnamese U19 players.

In the near future, the VFF and coach Dinh The Nam will revive the spirits of the players in preparation for the third prize match against Thailand U19s on the afternoon of July 15th. Every international game is a valuable opportunity for young players to hone their skills and bravery, so make the most of it and add more lessons to your luggage. I.

According to the plan, after the U19 tournament in Southeast Asia in 2022, the U19 Vietnam team with many additional strengths will reunite on July 22 to prepare for the 2023 Asian U20 qualifiers. In the 2022 International U19 Championship, high-quality guests will participate, and then go to Japan to train for about 2 weeks. In this training camp, through the cooperation between LDDBVN and the Japan Football Association, the teachers and students of head coach Dinh The Nam will arrange a number of competitive games, improve the lineup and play style, and go to all continents.

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