Who is Nguyen Van Trieu – HAGL’s 1m 87 high court called up to U23 Vietnam?

30 May 2022 | 21:32 | Football

The 2022 AFC U23 Championship will be held in Uzbekistan from June 1 to 19. In preparation for this event, Vietnam U23 will gather in Hanoi.

Recently, according to the announcement of HAGL Football Club, Shancheng will contribute 4 young faces to the U23 Vietnam team. These are the players of Le Huu Phuoc, Vo Dinh Lam, Nguyen Thanh Nhan and Nguyen Van Trieu.

The four players will work together in the Vietnam Football Association from May 11 to May 23, training with U23 Vietnam B teammates under the guidance of coach Kong Wujun.

Who is Nguyen Van Trieu – HAGL's 1m 87 high court called up to U23 Vietnam?  - Photo 1.

Nguyen Van Trieu has a height of 1.87 meters. Photo: HAGL FC.

Le Huu Phuoc, Vo Dinh Lam, Nguyen Thanh Nhan and Nguyen Van Trieu were promoted by coach Kiatisak to HAGL’s 1st team for the V.League. They both expressed high appreciation for their professional qualifications and pledged to replace Cong Phuong and Van Toan in the Vietnam team in the future.

Specifically, Le Huu Phuoc and Vo Dinh Lam were introduced by coach Kiatisak when HAGL competed in the 2022 AFC Champions League group stage at Thong Nhat Stadium and left a good impression. Meanwhile, Nguyen Thanh Nhan is the Vietnam U22 member who won the Southeast Asia U22 Championship.

As for Nguyen Van Chua, this player is still relatively unfamiliar to Vietnamese fans, but his height is as high as 1.87 meters, which is impressive.

Nguyen Van Trieu was born in 2003, which means that he is only 19 years old this year, but he is already 1.87 meters tall. The central defender is one of the tallest men in the national U21 qualifiers and finals in 2021.

Quite interestingly, at the 2019 National U19 Championships, Nguyen Van Thuy appeared again in the role of… U19 HAGL striker. It is understood that Nguyen Van Thuy grew up from the Binh Thuan football training camp and is the product of the cooperation between Binh Thuan Youth Football and HAGL. In late 2018, HAGL acquired Nguyen Van Trieu from Binh Thuan.

In fact, in recent years, HAGL youth have often featured players of very impressive height. For example, goalkeeper Chen Zhongjian, born in 2003, is 1.91 meters tall. Tran Trung Kien is also a member of HAGL U21, participating in the 2021 National U21 Qualifiers. Or striker Dinh Quang Kiet, born in 2007, but has grown to 1.87 meters…

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