Why can Ronaldo make a difference in the great MU-Arsenal battle?

22 Sep 2022 | 10:01 | Football

Since the start of the season, Cristiano Ronaldo has only started the last 1/5 of Manchester United’s games, but that was the Red Devils’ second-round defeat against Brentford. In the other 4 encounters, CR7 only started from the ice, the bench and what he did. The marks are not too many.

Why can Ronaldo make a difference in the great MU-Arsenal battle?  - Photo 1.

Ronaldo has been in poor form since the start of the season.

Therefore, many believe that the 37-year-old superstar will be “dumped” by manager Eric Ten Hager again in the starting lineup in the battle with Arsenal on the evening of September 4. It’s possible, though, that the Dutch strategist will surprise everyone, and Ronaldo himself is the difference between the two teams in their upcoming clash.

At present, Ronaldo is not in a good state, even admitting that age greatly affects the accuracy of shooting and the need for speed. But in all fairness, CR7 is still a top player, and is currently the most experienced and brave player in MU.

Over the past 3 games, manager Ten Hag has said he needs attacking speed while ignoring Cristiano Ronaldo, which is why the trio of Sancho, Rashford and Elanga came out on top.

Before Arsenal, speed was still the key to Manchester United’s success, but They need a real striker who can smell the goal, choose positions to create entry points, or just know how to make walls and act as a decoy to open up chances for teammates. That person could be Ronaldo.

Why can Ronaldo make a difference in the great MU-Arsenal battle?  - Photo 2.

He also just fires off the bench quite often.

The Gunners have a pair of fast and strong central defenders, Magalhaes and Saliba, so speed alone is clearly not enough for MU to hope to beat their opponents. They need Ronaldo to grab the duo’s attention or be the destination for the home team’s aerial battle.

With Sancho, Rashford, Elanga or Bruno Fernandes, United have little chance of winning the ball under Arsenal. It’s not easy for them to beat the team with the second-lowest conceding record in the tournament on a simple spiking combo alone.

With Cristiano Ronaldo, a creative midfielder like Eriksen or Bruno Fernandes will always create passes that put the ball in the backline, take advantage of a great sense of space, and choose CR7’s before going on the pitch Sensitive position to catch the scoring opportunities.

What’s more, if coach Eric Ten Haag uses Casemiro as a defensive midfielder, the former Real Madrid player can completely break through the pass and create opportunities for Ronaldo when both sides have already played. They know each other too well because they are former teammates at the Spanish Royal.

Why can Ronaldo make a difference in the great MU-Arsenal battle?  - Photo 3.

But Ronaldo can make a difference in the Arsenal battle.

Above all, in an important campaign like round 6 of the Premier League, MU needs players with grit and attacking experience, hopefully centre-forward, in front of clubs leading the standings with winning records. Defender Saliba Magallus parted ways and knew how to open up opportunities for his teammates.

Something like this is difficult for Sancho, Rashford or Elanga to do because they are not strikers after all and are not skilled enough to change the situation in an instant.

Ronaldo is also very charming in the Gunners’ net. He scored 3 goals in 2 games last season.Two of them are location case and advanced finishingSo, even though the striker has been out of form from the start of the season and doesn’t start as often as last season, he remains Manchester’s hope.

The Portuguese striker can stand out in the next game thanks to his level, bravery, all-round technique and how to help his team-mates shine.

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