Why did the Vietnamese team beat Afghanistan, and the Thai fans… Ironic?

02 Jun 2022 | 22:10 | Football

On the evening of June 1, Vietnam Telecom easily defeated Afghanistan in a friendly match at Thong Yi Stadium. 2 goals from striker Fan Tuan Hai helped Vietnam win 2-0. Despite fielding two almost different squads in the two rounds, Vietnam Telecom still showed an advantage over their opponents.

In this joy, however, Vietnam Telecom received sarcastic remarks from fans in Thailand. On the community page, fans of Jindianguo left a lot of Baijun’s words “ca khà” and “cheerful”.

Thai fans again... sarcasm because in Vietnam call to win Afghanistan  - Photo 1.

Vietnamese calls beat Afghan calls.

“Vietnam only met weaker teams, so 2-0 result is not surprising”, “Same level, but Vietnam just got lucky. Vietnam is happy to win weaker teams like Thailand did before. Beat them 2-0.

“It’s just a team that is 150+ in the FIFA rankings. Why don’t Vietnam try a friendly with Bahrain and see if you can win”, “Time is running out. Vietnam 2-0 Afghanistan. Thailand 2- 0 Vietnam. I think Thailand will beat Afghanistan 4-0.”

“Afghanistan should have at least two penalty kicks, you don’t see those slow motion anymore. I have no doubt that Vietnam was deflected by the referee.”

Thai fans again... sarcasm because in Vietnam call to win Afghanistan  - Photo 2.

Thai fans mocked Vietnam’s victory.

It is worth mentioning that in Southeast Asia, only Thai fans are jealous and mock the victory of the Vietnamese team. Fans from Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia expressed their congratulations and recognition of the level of Coach Park teachers and students.

Fans in South Asia or West Asia, in particular, also gave a lot of praise to the Vietnamese call. Vietnam Telecom’s performance is convincing, as evidenced by the FIFA ranking of 96th.

Thai fans again... sarcasm because in Vietnam call to win Afghanistan  - Photo 3.

Fans congratulate Vietnam Phone.

The match against Afghanistan is Vietnam’s only international friendly on FIFA Day. After this match, players will be allowed to return to their host clubs to continue their participation in V.League 2022.

It wasn’t until the end of the year that the Vietnamese team reunited to prepare for the 2022 AFC Cup, a tournament in which Coach Park Heng Swee was determined to regain the throne from Thailand after his semi-final defeat. 2020.

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